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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: mod_dav integration
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 07:28:32 GMT
I'll answer a few of the questions, but I also want to avoid evangelizing at
this point :-). I'd rather the points of view come up from others,
independent of my admittedly biased POV... :-)

So below are some simple clarifications related to the integration plan:

On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 05:53:10PM -0700, wrote:
> I'm kind of wondering why we are doing this.  Mod_dav seems to be a very
> large module with it's own development/deployment schedule.  It seems to
> me that mod_dav makes more sense as a separate module that is developed on
> it's own, much like mod_perl, and mod_java.

Feature-wise, it is "done". When I was prepping 1.0 for release, I couldn't
think of any "new, cool feature" to do. After all, WebDAV *is* specified by
RFC 2518. Anything more than that simply wouldn't be according to the

The best "feature" that mod_dav could have right now is ubiquity. To be
available, by default, when those 9 million Apache servers upgrade to 2.0.
And when they do, that it is *well* integrated.

> This also seems to make sense, because mod_dav already has it's own web
> page/resources that are not associated with Apache's site.

My intent is to transfer copyright and begin to "shut down" the separate
areas. Some structure will remain for maintenance. I'm still discussing with
a few people what they'd like to do w.r.t. mod_dav for Apache 1.3 (mainly
about their implementing other WebDAV specs).

> With mod_dav and Apache not being developed together, this really scares
> me.  Is mod_dav's development list going to move to new-httpd?  If not, I
> really dislike putting mod_dav into the core server.

One developer, Keith Wannamaker, is already here. Another is John Vasta. Joe
Orton has done a bunch of DAV client work, and has supplied numerous server
patches. Dunno how much Joe will do w.r.t DAV, but he'll probably be here
anyhow as part of his upcoming employment at C2Net. There are no other
developers, and I would expect people to post dav-related patches here.

mod_dav users certainly wouldn't appear here, much like Apache users don't.

> In general, I dislike putting mod_dav with the core server, but I won't
> stand in the way.  I am -0 for doing it.  I have had these concerns for a
> while, but I thought the vote had happened before I was a member of the
> group.

Well, there was certainly a vote by virtue of the request for me to join the
ASF so that I could put mod_dav into the server and do the maintenance. But
now that that is about to happen, it seems reasonable and fair to ask again.
Maybe that is out of order, and I'm supposed to just jam the thing in there
regardless, but I don't think so... :-)

And whether voting or not, I figured it was also prudent to ask for the
input from the team. Your concerns are empirical evidence that it was good
to do so. :-)


Greg Stein,

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