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From Jim Winstead <>
Subject [PATCH] CookieDomain and other small mod_usertrack features
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2000 20:52:36 GMT
Attached are patches to add a few features to mod_usertrack:

1. A CookieDomain directive that can be used to set the cookie
2. A CookieDomainEnv directive that can be used to set the cookie
   domain based on a environment variable. (We use this at
   to set the cookie domain based on some rewrite rules.)
3. Notes the cookie in "in-cookie" or "out-cookie" depending on whether
   it is being set for the first time or seen on a return visit.

The 1.3 patch is based on the previous patches I've submitted here
and what we're using in production at It includes
documentation. The 2.0 patch is simply a quick port to 2.0 -- I've
only tested it compiles. But the changes are simple enough that I'm
fairly confident they are okay.

(The last version of this patch without the CookieDomainEnv stuff
got +1s from Dean and Martin, FWIW. Maybe this time it will at
least make it into STATUS. :)


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