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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: confused about new ServerName logic
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 16:53:03 GMT
> From: "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
> Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 10:25:30 -0500
> > From: Jeff Trawick []
> > Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 7:44 AM
> > 
> > I thought I understood what was going on, but I guess not...  I'm
> > getting messages about needing ServerName even when gethostname() and
> > gethostbyname() work.  (Also, I'm not crazy about the phrasing of the
> > messages, but probably nobody will like my changes :) )
> > 
> > Can somebody explain why the patch below isn't appropriate?  It only 
> > complains about no ServerName if we can't properly determine the
> > hostname.  It doesn't complain if we *can* determine the hostname.
> You are looking at patching day old source... this fix didn't
> exist...

I don't understand...

> you are welcome to change the first message, but I didn't like your change
> to the second (decent comprimize?)  I would rather say we are 'assuming',
> and if they read 'your' first message, they will know why.  'your' second
> message implies we updated the thing in the file (a no no).  The message
> (mine or yours) is rather untested in any case, in the sense of 'will they
> get this?'

I'd rather not quibble about the text...  I thought the existing text
was awkward and suggested a new one, but the main thing I wanted to
understand is the condition when we printed such text.

> Your {} block is entirely wrong.  You will only display messages if we
> 'assume' a localhost ip?  What about the fool with 15 dns aliases who
> can't understand why their server responds with the name pigsfeet.ugh,
> and can't seem to change it (no idea why...)

I don't think it is so nice to issue an error message on the console
for a situation we do not know to be in error and which has been
happily accepted by Apache with no complaints for a long period of
time.  If we have to assume, yes that is a configuration
almost definitely in error and it should be an error message on the
console like you have it.  If gethostname() and gethostbyname()
worked, however, then I don't think we should complain so loudly.  An
info or warning message in the log should suffice.  I would *guess*
that there are great numbers of existing apache installations with no
ServerName but a valid DNS setup and hence no problems.



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