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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject current bugs with pre/post config stuff (maybe :) )
Date Sun, 11 Jun 2000 15:49:07 GMT
1) symptom: on system with bad/no DNS setup, ServerName isn't
   processed so init fails


  ap_fini_vhost_config() called before ap_process_config_tree(), so
  ServerName was never stored in the config structure

possible fix:

  Pull ap_fini_vhost_config() call out of ap_read_config() and defer
  until after ap_process_config_tree is called.

  This seems to work o.k., but I don't have a fix for problem 2 yet so
  I'm not yet 80% sure it is fine.

  At this point, main() is getting really bloated with config crapola,
  and much of the config crapola is duplicated.

2) symptom: on system with virtual hosts configured, SIGSEGV in


   the module configs for the virtual hosts haven't been merged in
   yet, and open_multi_logs() gets NULL for the mod_log_config

possible fix:

   reorder stuff "properly" :)

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