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From Wilfredo Sánchez <>
Subject ap_os_canonical_filename() and friends
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2000 01:43:16 GMT
  I need to (finally) implement case handling for Mac OS X, where you may  
or may not have your document root on an case-insensitive volume.  Given  
that OS X will likely ship before using 2.0 is feasible, I'm starting with  
1.3 and I'll port to 2.0 afterwards.

  I have a couple of questions...  First, I'm trying to figure out the  
differences between these functions:


  If ap_os_case_canonical_filename() is supposed to preserve the input  
case, then what is its role?

  Say I have a file /FooBar on disk, and I'm looking for a file "/fooBAR".  
 What's the result?  Let's solve for HFS+ (case insensitive but  
preserving), DOS FAT (case insensitive), and UFS (case sensitive).  I think  
I can fill in for ap_os_canonical_filename(), but I don't know about the  

		Input		ap_ocf()		ap_occf()		 
HFS+		/fooBAR		/FooBar		?			?
FAT		/fooBAR		/foobar		?			?
UFS		/fooBAR		/fooBAR		/fooBAR		/fooBAR

  Second, we also have a macro CASE_BLIND_FILESYSTEM, which, given the  
above functions, seems broken.  CASE_BLIND_FILESYSTEM us used by the proxy  
and autoindex modules, which I'd guess should be using the above functions,  


Wilfredo Sanchez,
Open Source Engineering Lead
Apple Computer, Inc., Core Operating System Group
1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 94086, 408.974-5174

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