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From Andrew Ford <>
Subject FYI: Apache Pocket Reference out soon
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 07:37:53 GMT
[copy of article posted on comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix]

Earlier this year I finished writing the "Apache Pocket Reference" for
O'Reilly & Associates.  I have now heard that it is being printed and
will be in the shops later this month.  This book expands on my
"Apache Quick Reference Card" (see") and then
adds some!  To quote the description from the O'Reilly catalogue page
for the book (

    Apache Pocket Reference
    By Andrew Ford
    1st Edition June 2000
    1-56592-706-0, Order Number: 7060
    111 pages, $9.95

    The Apache Pocket Reference, a companion volume to "Writing Apache
    Modules and Perl and C" and "Apache: The Definitive Guide", covers
    Apache 1.3.12. It provides a summary of command-line options,
    configuration directives, and modules, and covers Apache support

The book can be ordered from amazon.{com||de} via one of the
following links:


I am now working on a mod_perl pocket reference, and will update the
Apache and mod_perl quick reference cards once that is done.

Andrew Ford,  Director       Ford & Mason Ltd           +44 1531 829900 (tel)      South Wing, Compton House  +44 1531 829901 (fax)  Compton Green, Redmarley   +44 385 258278 (mobile)      Gloucester, GL19 3JB, UK   

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