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Subject Re: Protcol modules and virtual hosting
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 21:17:53 GMT wrote:

Thanks! Sure, I'll be more than happy to try to make a list -- mostly 
things like getting some of the information stored in the request object
in a clean way (server port, server name, remote_host) and things like
getting permission of a file (for example, is a file executable?) that in
mod_cgi.c are obtained using information set inside the core, but I'll
try to make up a list. 

I understand I am shooting at a moving target here, but I figured input 
into how things went with a protocol module in the early stages couldn't

    --David Bryan

> <snipped comments>
> I'll look into the stuff I snipped out sometime next week probably
> > BTW, the protocol module I am making is basically done and the structure 
> > provided makes them pretty easy to write -- good job! I had a bit of a
> > learning curve and few trial and error things, but other than the fact that
> > many of the useful API calls wanted a request object (which seems a rather
> > HTTP specific structure) requiring me to rip out their internals and 
> > duplicate them in my module, it worked well. If the UDP support mentioned 
> > for WAP gets in there, and some new API calls for useful calls that don't
> > need request_objects, new protocols should start multiplying :)
> Is there any chance you could list some of the "useful" API's that are
> requiring request_rec's?  I suspect some of those API's shouldn't be used
> in non-http servers, because they are http specific.  I also suspect that
> some of them need to be abstracted a bit to make them more useful.
> To be honest, I do not see much work being done in the way of making it
> easy for new protocol modules to be written until 2.0 at least reaches
> beta.  Of course, if somebody else does the work, then cool.  But, most of
> us are interested in getting the web server stable before we start
> tackling the other problems with the design of a generic server framework.
> Ryan
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