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Subject Re: "free" borland C++ compiler
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 03:48:20 GMT

In a message dated 00-06-23 21:34:40 EDT, William Rowe writes...

> File: (7532 bytes)
>  DL Time (TCP/IP): < 1 minute
>  Latest revision of the perl makefile converter;
>  handles IMPLIB.EXE invocation.  Extracts base addresses from a link
>  reference file.  Cleans up some other little things.  This is at 98%.  

Looks good except on 2.04a it keeps coughing up during
ApacheModuleProxy.mak with the following errors...

Couldn't find the token mod_proxy in file BaseAddr.ref
Couldn't find the token mod_proxy in file BaseAddr.ref

Prints TWICE.

Also... there is now a new issue...

You are basing all your Perl script conversion substitutions
on the free version of the Borland Compiler ( Version 5.5 ).
Some of the compile and link commands you are choosing are
ONLY available in version 5.5 and above.

Example: bcc32 -tWR is non-existent prior to 5.5 and -tWM
has a different meaning in prior versions. 

So the real pertinent question is this...

If/when Apache does support Borland... what VERSIONS
is it going to support ( officially, that is. ) ?

I think even some of the conversion choices won't fly as close
back as 5.4 which, I think, is the version the gentleman from Turkey
is using ( Ozgur ).

I have BC 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and 5.x. 
Apache 1.3.x can compile all the way back to BC 3.1 and
Apache 2.0 can compile all the way back to around 4.0.

The code fixes to make it compile can actually be
made generic enough to work all the way back to 3.1 for
Apache 1.3.x and BC 4.0 for Ap2.0... it's the compiler 
and linker options that have to change between versions.

The reason I ask is this...

I was tweaking your Perl script to be able to handle
different 'versions' of Borland ( Needs input parms ) and
I have also dug up some old 'C' code that does what your Perl
script does and even allows all the search/replace options
to be in a standard Windows .INI file which might come
in handy... but I was sitting here wondering myself what
kind of hoops to jump through as far as which actual VERSIONS
of Borland may or may not be OFFICIALLY supported by

You asked for help with compiler/linker options. That's
no problem but it now really depends what VERSIONS
of Borland are on the table.

I relaize that it is perhaps too early to ask and that there
is too much else going on for a good answer right now, 
but it's going to become an issue.

I suppose as long as BC 5.5 is FREE then who could 
blame Apache for saying 'You have to use BC 5.5' but
I just thought I would let you know that if it is desired...
the Apache code does not have to REQUIRE the
latest, greatest version of Borland. 

What do you think?

Lock and load on BC 5.5 and don't worry about people
like Ozgur ( or me? ) who have 'the real thing' including 
IDE but not the 'latest and greatest'? ( I DO have 5.5, of
course, I am just searching for some working parameters
for others and an official 'ASF' position ).

Also... important question for you ( or anyone at ASF... )

As I sit here tweaking Perl scripts and resurrecting 
MAKE.EXE conversion code I realized that I am not 
really clear what versions of Apache itself we are talking
about with regards to 'possible' Borland support.

Is 1.3.x really dead in the water now?

Will any attempt to support another compiler like Borland
be for 2.0++ ONLY or will all the re-writes to make this all
work have to post back to the 1.3.x tree as well?
I have never been quite clear on that during the prior
exchanges... and it makes a difference.

BTW: The -u ( Underscores on externs ) does, in fact, go
all the way back to BC 3.1 and it IS the 'default' behavior
for Borland. If you don't want to use a tweaked .DEF file
then -u- should strip the underscores on externs and
make it act more like MSVC.


Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc. - Online Internet Content Compression Server.

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