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Subject Protcol modules and virtual hosting
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 19:30:27 GMT
As mentioned in a previous email, I have written a module to speak a different protocol than
HTTP based on the Apache 2.0 echo module. Following a suggestion from the list, I am trying
to listen on a different port for my protocol than HTTP, and want to do this with port-based
virtual hosting. Like the echo module, I didn't define a merge_server_config(), which from
what I read should cause the VirtualHost arguments to win out. I couldn't get it to work properly
(it ignored my turning the module "on" if it was in the virtualserver block), so I went back
to the stock 2.0a4 code and the echo module and hit the same problem. I saw a few bug reports
about VirtualHost problems, but none seem quite the same -- I'm not sure if I am doing something
wrong in my config file (quite possible) or if this is a real problem. The server config I
tried is:

User webuser
Group webgroup
LockFile /var/run/apache-lock 
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /usr/scratch/apache/www/cgi-bin
DocumentRoot /usr/scratch/apache/www/htdocs/

ErrorLog /usr/scratch/apache/www/logs/error_log2
TransferLog /usr/scratch/apache/www/logs/trans_log2
ProtocolEcho yes

If I move the line "ProtocolEcho yes" out of the VirtualHost block then both ports have echo,
in the block, neither does.


David Bryan

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