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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Filter I/O take 3.
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2000 17:01:43 GMT

> On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Greg Stein wrote:
> > Async I/O would be nice, but it just won't be happening in Apache any time
> > soon or far. I really don't think we can start saying "well, if that doesn't
> > support async, then it is out." By that rule, we could hardly make any
> > changes :-)
> >
> > I'd love to be educated on how to change Apache to an async model. I just
> > don't see it right now.
> Sorry for the previous empty message, my thinkpad sucks.
> Anyway, why not make it use async IO only for things served by the default
> handler, ie. static content?  Nothing is stopping you from optimizing
> default content while still sticking with the same old way for anything
> harder.
> Or just a big select() loop w/nonblocking IO.

Yes, exactly my thinking. And we do not expose this to the general Apache API either. We
are having this discussion about hacking into Apache a filter API and I question it's
usefulness. I've had people ask for it here at IBM, but in general, there are always other
ways to accomplish what they are trying to accomplish.

IMO, getting async network reads into the default handlers is much more valuable than
filtered i/o (okay, someone shoot me if I am mistaken). At ApacheCon 98, Filo clearly
stated scalability was #1 on his requirement list. I think the same is true for anyone
running a large sites and async i/o is the way to get there.


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