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From "Tyler J. Brooks" <>
Subject Problems building 2.0a4
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 16:36:30 GMT
Could somebody get me started?  I am having trouble getting Apache 2.0a4 to build.  I am trying
to build using the recommended 2.0a4 download dated June 5, 2000 on the download page (
 I am building from the command line:
    nmake /f INSTDIR="d:\Apache\Server_2.0a4" installd

I am running Windows NT 4.0 (SP5) on a Pentium 330MHz with plenty of RAM and disk.

When I try to compile, I get the following link error:
    LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "ap.lib"

I couldn't find a rule for making this in the makefile, so I copied my 'ap.lib' from my 2.0a1
build.  This seemed to fix things until I got the following link error while making Apache:
    http_main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _ap_process_config_tree

I then got an update of the code from CVS and copied it over the top of my 2.0a4 code... and
had various other problems. :)

Could somebody help me out here?  Are there a set of updated makefiles for 2.0a4?


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