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From "Eric Cholet" <>
Subject Re: Again a symbol to add to httpd.exp for AIX and mod_perl 1.24
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 14:25:45 GMT
> > Yes, ap_configtestonly's value is propagated to the mod_perl user so
> > Perl code in the configuration file (<Perl> sections, Perl startup code)
> > can avoid doing some operations when httpd is run with the -t option.
> > Thus the configuration can be tested for correctness without running
> > expensive or useless operations such as connecting to databases, etc.
> Ok, makes sense. I think the best way to export this to modules is to pass
> it through cmd_parms, rather than as a global.

cmd_parms, isn't that used to pass configuration data to directives? How
it be used in this case, ap_configtestonly is not tied to any directive?


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