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From "Allan Edwards" <>
Subject RE: default timeout values
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 04:03:24 GMT

> > Yes, this exact option crosed my mind also. However, it boils 
> > down to a
> > question of complexity and, to some extent, performance(multiplying
> > and dividing by 1M when converting to/from native unix types).
> Ok... stop there.
> If you are concerned about performance, then I strongly suggest we
> adopt an APR_TICKS_PER_SEC that is native to the OS.  Unix can play
> with seconds.  We'll play with 100ns units over here on NT.

I don't get your point. My point is if, for example, sockopt uses int 
to specify some unit, why not have ap_setsocketopt do the same (assuming
we have fairly uniform mappings across platforms).

gotta go for today...
> But I think the inherent complexity is overkill.  Integer mult/div
> is fast enough now that I think it's probably mute.  But let's
> ask the experts... is Dean in the house?

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