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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: [patch 1.3.13-dev] Win9x Services
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 03:35:46 GMT

I'm really unclear about the Ctrl+C problem in W2K.  First off, does
it make a difference in select mode if you hit Ctrl+break instead?
Second, is the select mode the *default*?  Or is it only a problem
if you accidently *trip* it?  Or is this ctrl+c the copy command,
without any option to bypass it?  Try using mode 0x87 and see if that 
solves the problem.

Perhaps we just tell them to use ctrl+break and not mention ctrl+c.

I've noticed win95 is even stranger, mouse events are selected by
default :-/  No *extra* flags can be toggled (any from mast 0xffc0)
so there are no legal undocumented flags.  And no flag affects the
shutdown/close button bug.

One major problem in 95/98 is the lack of any progress message on
startup/shutdown.  I'm thinking of a timeout'ed wait even on the
child process, and using the window to determine if the service is

Basically, we would use the send_signal_to_service call for both 
platform types, but use window enumeration for service control.
I suppose I can even fix your issue with -k restart not having 
the same side-effect.  And I can stop the service without reading 
the config for the pid file.  This is a MAJOR problem if the user
tries to start console apache with the service running, since the
pid file is trashed and the service can't be -k stop'ped.

I've left the hole in the ap_start_console_monitor()'s atexit handler
so we can pause the console for feedback (direct from the api - can't 
trust the clib at that stage.)  Ideally, that input is the close 
button.  That obviously will not work for 9x.

Those are my thoughts for tonight... perhaps we should take this to
IRC and hack for a while.  But not tonight :-)


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