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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Complete source for Apache MSVC/Borland IconBar APP
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 08:07:18 GMT

Ok... I didn't even crack it open yet, but I'm -1 on just one point.
The call to EnumServicesStatus is too simple to ignore, I'm 100% against 
spawning a proc from the taskbar every n seconds.  I do promise to crack 
it open and give the app a proper review (probably not till Friday a.m.)
If that's the only weakness, then I can be easily converted :)

Speaking of it being borland-ready, take a look at my patch for NT event
logging of this evening... that one bit of stdio crud is probably MSVC
specific, if you care to pass on a fix for Borland (or simply make it
generic, but I don't think you can do so and keep it as immediate-commit
at the same time.)  The MS clib looks at stdxxx and decides they are not
a tty, you are then screwed.  I needed the fdopen to force the mode back
to unbuffered.

My point to the new arg to EnumServicesStatusEx is that we can enumerate
only the 5 installed or 2 running apache servers instead of the 50 total
installed or 29 running services in the system.  Since NET START is simply
an app around that call, it's still a Win2000 optimization, and one that
could easily wait till 2.0 releases.

(oh, the ATL app I described was recoded in raw API, my point was that it
is easier to do that from ATL than from MFC :)  I mentioned pure code,
but that's for my scripting widget.  If you've gone to the trouble, I have
plenty of other things at hand.

b.t.w., note from Ozgar -finally- helped me see the light, should have
the def files all set as well.  And I'm not against distributing the
.mak files with a .bcc.mak suffix or some such, so we should be able to
stay away from extra biniaries in the build.

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> Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 2:43 AM
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> Subject: Complete source for Apache MSVC/Borland IconBar APP
> In a message dated 00-06-27 09:54:00 EDT, William Rowe writes...
> > Actually looked at three things... the third being the IconBar app
> >  issue... since I have some nearly pure code for it.  It was coded
> >  for ATL 2.0, but that's a pretty 'simple' windowing system 
> (compared
> >  to MFC, which has always put more roadblocks in my way 
> than actually
> >  accelerating development :(
> It gets even simpler than that. You don't need to bother with either
> ATL or MFC to have a great IconBar App. In fact, there are many
> reasons to definitely STAY AWAY from that stuff when it comes
> to TRAY ICON apps.
> See attached code. ( APTRAY1.ZIP only 46k )
> It is a complete working IconBar App that is about as simple
> and as flexible as it gets and it uses pure Win32 API only.
> It is also a perfect example of how to code such an application
> to compile with either MSVC or Borland, which gets real weird
> if it started out as ATL or MSVC.
> The attached IconBar APP is already coded to 'look' like an
> Apache TRAY ICON program that can Start/Stop the Apache
> Service and even has the right APACHE.ICO icon already.
> It is only 53k including the Win32 Registry update code to
> make it a permanent 'persistent' TRAY ICON.
> It compiles/runs/installs as a persistent TRAY ICON using
> all of the following ( Build files for all included... )
> MSVC 5.x
> MSVC 6.x
> Borland 5.0
> Borland 5.5 ( Free version of compiler that uses ilink32.exe ).
> The info from the top of the attached TRAY1.C code also
> reprinted at the bottom of this message.
> >My concept of a taskbar is some simple way to enumerate all services
> >installed vs. all services running.  Services installed is pretty
> >straightforward, simply parsing strstr of the services key for all
> >the Apache.exe string (don't care which directory, of course.)  And
> >enumerating the Win9x running servers is easy as well, simply use
> >FindWindow() with the service class and collect window names.  But
> >enumerating running NT services will always be trouble.
> No sweat ( See source code.. )
> Just WinExec( "NET START > Services_running" )
> and read the list.
> NET START with no parms always list ALL Services 
> that are currently running.
> If the NET START command isn't available you can be sure
> the Service probably isn't running due to an incomplete MS
> Network support install.
> I've never seen a Network enabled Win32 station that didn't
> have the NET commands available anytime, anywhere, from
> either command line or 'callable' with output 'redirectable'.
> NET.EXE was DESIGNED to be used in this way
> and even includes 'secret' commands to help reformat
> and/or parse the data when called via WinExec().
> It even works fine with a simple 'system()' call.
> Yours...
> Kevin Kiley
> CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.
> - Online Internet Compression Server
> Here is the info from the top of attached TRAY1.C...
> // TRAY1 - Simple Win32 Tray ICON application
> // This 'simple' program can act as a front-end for any Win32
> // Service related application.
> // It does NOT use ATL, MFC, or any of that other bloat.
> // It is a clean-and-simple .C program that used the Win32 API
> // to establish and maintain a Win9x/2000 or NT TRAY ICON.
> // The final TOTAL size of the .EXE is only around 53k.
> // If MFC or ATL were used the .EXE would be MUCH, MUCH larger
> // and more complicated.
> // This particular instance of the code has been made to 'look'
> // like a demo front-end for the Win32 version of the Apache
> // Web Server 'Service'. The TRAY ICON itself will appear as a
> // small 'feather' which is simply the standard APACHE.ICON icon
> // from ..\SRC\OS\WIN32\APACHE.ICO
> // The menu options simply say...
> // 1. Show  the Apache Web Server Control Panel
> // 2. Start the Apache Web Server
> // 3. Stop  the Apache Web Server
> // The TRAY related calls and globals are all prefixed with
> // 'ap_tray1_xxxxx()' so they don't conflict with any
> // non-Apache routines.
> // To BUILD this demo just use the .BAT files.
> // There are no makefiles or project files.
> // They are not necessary for such a simple program.
> // MKMSVC5.BAT <- Rebuild TRAY1.EXE manually using MSVC 5.x
> // MKMSVC6.BAT <- Rebuild TRAY1.EXE manually using MSVC 6.x
> // MKBOR50.BAT <- Rebuild TRAY1.EXE manually using Borland 
> 5.0 (tlink32)
> // MKBOR55.BAT <- Rebuild TRAY1.EXE manually using Borland 
> 5.5 (ilink32)
> // The program also shows the proper way to use _argc and _argv[]
> // command line argument info in WinMain() and make it generic to
> // both MSVC and Borland.
> // MSVC adds extra underscores to command line arguments
> // visible to WinMain() so just re-map to Borland equivalents
> // like this...
> // #ifndef __BORLANDC__
> // #define _argc __argc
> // #define _argv __argv
> // #endif
> // See the start of WinMain() for more details...
> // There is no copyright of any kind. It's just a demo.
> // Original author: Kevin Kiley, 1998

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