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From "Allan Edwards" <>
Subject RE: default timeout values
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 03:15:25 GMT

> > Looks like we need to redefine ap_interval_time_t to ap_int64_t
> > unless you want to recant and standardize on seconds??
> Never retreat :)
> I shared your sentiment months ago, until I considered that 90%
> of our applications are 35 minutes or less.  I'd suggest something
> less dramatic, two types:
> ap_short_interval_t
> ap_long_interval_t

Yes, this exact option crosed my mind also. However, it boils down to a
question of complexity and, to some extent, performance(multiplying
and dividing by 1M when converting to/from native unix types).

Standardizing everywhere with microseconds to some extent simplifies
life for the APR user - no need to think 'what are the time units 
for this API call'. However if the alternative is having duplicates 
of each call that uses time interval I'm not sure that is achieving
the desired goal.

If we're hard & fast on the decision to use usec then 
either we go with ap_int64_t everywhere, or duplicate long & 
short versions of certain calls (we can probably get away with 
just the short versions for Apache).

Otherwise we need to look at each of the calls in detail and the 
underlying native types used to determine what makes best sense.
Personally I think it's worth looking into.


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