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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: default timeout values
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 01:31:12 GMT
> > Let's just store in seconds and do the conversion in setopt.  This
> > probably makes more sense in the long run.  Plus, people are used to
> > seeing things in seconds, not usecs.
> > 
> This is getting ugly fast. If we are going to store timeouts 
> in microseconds then we also have to fix things like
> ap_interval_time_t (which is ap_int32_t) in ap_socket_t. 
> Also, ap_set_pipe_timeout, ap_sleep, ap_poll have the same 
> potential overflow problem and will need fixing unless we 
> decide to limit time intervals to < 30mins.
> Are people likely to want to make Timout & KeepaliveTimeout
> greater that 30 mins?? (that's an Apache question). The more
> significant question however is whether APR users in general 
> would want to live with that restriction - almost certainly not.
> Looks like we need to redefine ap_interval_time_t to ap_int64_t
> unless you want to recant and standardize on seconds??

Never retreat :)

I shared your sentiment months ago, until I considered that 90%
of our applications are 35 minutes or less.  I'd suggest something
less dramatic, two types:


Meaning, respectively, +-35 min, or several milleneia, at the
programmers choice.  Have two implementations of ap_time_diff()
or whatever, one short, one long.  Nearly every APR function
needs to deal in minutes, not days.  For httpd and other users,
provide both types.

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