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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Tip for 2.0 Win32 Service code.
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 06:16:06 GMT
> From: []
> Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2000 9:21 PM

Thanks for suggestions, again I'm in your debt :)

Iterating process id's sounds best to me, there is for all
purposes no chance we will see that.

I agree there is a snowball's chance that a user *needs*
the START_ flag, or even the stubbed environment value.

I am about 1 hour away from creating the service with
the command argument:

 "path\apache.exe" --ntservice

rather than simply the executable, since it's entirely
a system internal that noone should ever be playing with.
I strongly suggest that this flag, an (just like the -Z 
child proc arg) never be returned in a -h list.

But I will first pursue your ideas... I agree with Keith
that the OS can change (flags, or consoles for that matter)
but also think that what we pass/accept as args in our
-i)nstalled service is in our control, not in the kernal's.


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