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From "Andrew Braund" <>
Subject RE: [patch 1.3.13-dev] Win9x Services
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 11:34:36 GMT
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> From: William A. Rowe, Jr. []
> Sent: Saturday, 17 June 2000 11:40
> To:;;
> Subject: RE: [patch 1.3.13-dev] Win9x Services
> Good news, overall :)
> I think we have the ultimate solution to the 3rd party enhancements,
> other's interest in being able to install/remove services, and so on.
> I'm just hoping we see a good place to document the new system
> --ntservice argument without confusing beginning users.  Feel free to
> test, but I'm certain from my NT tests that the non-flag, no hack
> version will perform as expected under any Windows without fault.
> So that is a worthwhile flag even under Win2000... I'll remember that,
> even if it's never used in Apache, and I thank you again for beating
> up the server for all of us :)
> on to the Apache 2.0 cleanup...
> Bill
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Andrew Braund []
> > Sent: Friday, June 16, 2000 8:48 PM
> > To:
> > Subject: RE: [patch 1.3.13-dev] Win9x Services
> >
> >
> >   Win2k dependencies tab in properties for  service
> >   does not show Apache to be dependent upon anything (even when
> >   started).
> Hmmm... what's up with that... you did say that it won't show
> dependencies if you add yet another module either?  Sounds like a
fluke (or a flag
> hidden to prevent the user from viewing/removing critical components.
> Maybe this is a good thing :)

Win2000 Services:properties:Dependancies tab does not show any
dependancies at all for Apache service.
The area in the tab titled;
"apache web server" depends on these services
- <No Dependancies>
and below that a second area titled;
These services depend on "apache web server"
- <No Dependancies>

The only time I get entries in these "depends on" areas was when I add
another "real" service ie something that appears an an entry when you
display the services on a machine.
e.g. if I add lanmanworkstation as a DependsOnService registry entry in
the apache key, then the
"Apache web server" depends on these services
box in Dependencies tab of Apache service shows
- Workstation
(which is the DisplayName entry for lanmanworkstation).

The note in the Dependencies tab reads;
"Some services depend on other services. If a service is stopped
or is not running properly, dependent services can be affected."

I think that the dependancies tab is intended to indicate only
"Services" that are dependancies as these are the only things the
administrator has control over using the GUI services manager. The
logic being that if you can't control the dependency by the GUI
(services applet) then don't show the dependancy (such as Tcpip or Afd)
in the GUI (services:properties:Dependancies tab).

>  But since I'll be adding
> several modules
> to the list (workstation and dcom services) that the user can
> customize,
> I'm really, really curious.

I expect that when Apache adds workstation (ie "lanmanworkstation" in
DependsOnService key) it will show up in the dependancies tab.

> > All of the above worked correctly (served pages, status,
> info, PHP and
> > proxy).
> Very good news.

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