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From "Andrew Braund" <>
Subject RE: [patch 1.3.13-dev] Win9x Services
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2000 01:47:50 GMT
Retest apache-1.3_20000616161200.tar.gz on Win2000;
Summary; no faults found.

I have now deployed 1.3.13dev (Compiled with http_main.c service.h and
service.c from the web cvs
20000613 10:11am +9:30) to 5 of my test sites (four NT4 sites and two
Win98). So far no complaints with the code.
These sites are only of limited value to the overall testing as they
mainly use Apache as a proxy at present. The normal web server functions
don't get much of a workout. The service type stuff gets some exercise
as Apache is restarted a few times a day. (These sites are dialup via a
modem and Apache is restarted each time to overcome a DNS caching

Compiled apache-1.3_20000616161200.tar.gz.

mod_status.c, mod_info.c, mod_rewrite.c, mod_proxy.c enabled,
PHP as external script processor.

Testing on Win 2000 Professional 5.00.2195;

apache -v
Server version: Apache/1.3.13-apache-1.3_20000616161200.tar.gz (Win32)
Server built:   Jun 17 2000 07:27:23

  left click in window now has no effect, ctrl+c always stops Apache
  Copy from the window with Menu Edit:Mark then Enter works.
	Clicking X to close the command prompt shuts down Apache and deletes
pid file,
	same result with menu:Close.
apache -i
  installs default Apache service
  Win2k dependencies tab in properties for  service
  does not show Apache to be dependent upon anything (even when
apache -k start
  runs console
apache -n apache -k start
  runs as service
apache -u
  stops and removes the service
apache -k stop
apache -i -n "apache web server"
apache -i -n "apache web server" -f "\myserver\conf\http.conf"
apache -u -n "apache web server"
apache -n "apache web server" -t
apache -n "apache web server" -T
apache -n "apache web server" -l
apache -n "apache web server" -L
apache -n "apache web server"
apache -n "apache web server" -k start
apache -n "apache web server" -k restart
  if there is an syntax error in the httpd.conf file, a restart will
  give an appropriate error message and leave the existing server
apache -n "apache web server" -k restart
  (when apache was stopped will start it)
apache -n "apache web server" -k shutdown
apache -n "apache web server" -k stop
NET START "apache web server"
NET STOP "apache web server"
start and stop from control panel service applet

All of the above worked correctly (served pages, status, info, PHP and

Andrew Braund

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