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From "Mike Gardiner" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] 1.3.12 hearing from all comers
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 23:04:57 GMT
I can post the patches for NetWare tomorrow.

>>> 05/30/00 04:51PM >>>
Did I catch a whiff of a 1.3.13?

So far, today, we've heard from OS390 and MPE/iX... 
and alot of work has already been checked into 1.3.12 
for Win32 and some other folks tangles...

If Chicago stays as rainy as it's been, we may even
see the end of the Win32 fixes :-)  (Why else in my 
right mind would I be on dry land on a four day weekend?)

Perhaps mid-July?  That is if the NW guys feel they can
wrap up all their fun, and no other camps check in with 
urgent problems to hold off the release for.

Sooner we put 1.3.13 to bed, the sooner I stop answering
the same newsgroup questions over and over |-{  That means
more work into 2.0 (like I don't havn't been generating
enough lately...)


pps Win32 SCM bugs are being bludgeoned out with the
broadsword... my Compaq's a little worse for wear but
it should be wrapped this evening.  I'll check in just
a little, rather obvious fix in 3 minutes.

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