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Subject Re: Review then commit.
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 15:09:00 GMT

> > Am I the only person who sees this as an obvious time to become
> > a beta?
> Possibly not, but you *do* seem to be the only person assuming
> it's going to happen that way rather than asking people to
> agree that it's a good time. :-)

Okay, that's fair.

> > When would you see this becoming a beta?
> When I'm sure that no-one is going to say, "We're in beta now, so no
> more features/innovations."  Aside from that concern, I'm happy for
> this to go to beta right now.  But if doing so in going to put a
> lid on fun work, then I'm -1 -- and that's a veto, not a vote.

I have no plans to say anything like that.  My only thinking was that when
the current list of stuff is done, that is an obvious point to say okay,
we're a beta now.  This doesn't stop mroe stuff from being added, just
creates a good time to move forward.  :-)

> I am rather concerned at what appears to be a growing trend for
> Apache-related discussions that lead to decisions to happen
> 'offline.'  That's contrary to the open and group-effort aspects
> of this project.  If there are five other dedicated people who
> think as you do, let 'em come forth and say so on the list, where
> they're *supposed* to.  I would really like this star-chamber offline
> stuff to STOP, since I have the feeling it's largely among people
> who are regionally close together in the Bay area, and that shuts
> out a lot of the rest of us.

A lot of these conversations were with people outside of the Bay Area, but
the point is well taken. 

> > I think stability separates alpha's from beta's.  I think the
> > way we tend to operate, new features go into the tree throughout
> > our releases, so the only thing that really can differentiate is
> > stability.
> Fine.  Then I'm +1 for going to beta very soon, since you *won't*
> be clamouring that new features and innovations shouldn't go
> in by virtue of it being beta.  Which is what I thought I was
> detecting.

As I said above, this was not my intent.  I am just looking to move things
forward with regard to 2.0, so that we can have a release at some point.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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