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Subject Re: remaining dso.c issues
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 15:04:49 GMT

Look, DSO's in APR are a little bit messed up, but not much.  Some of this
issue comes from APR itself, some comes from our configure system.  Here
is what needs to be done IMNSHO to fix this whole issue.

1)  Implement APR_HAS_DSO in apr.h.
2)  Use APR_HAS_DSO throughout apr to keep us from compiling dso support
    when it isn't necessary.

In Apache:
3)  Set things up so that APR gets configured without DSO support if it
isn't necessary and so that -ldl gets added to LIBS if it is
necessary.  This should be easy to do, but it also re-opens the question
about how to configure Apache/APR.


On Mon, 29 May 2000, Jeff Trawick wrote:

> As far as I can tell, we still don't have this straightened out:
> 1) when do we compile and build dso.c into APR
> Currently, we compile dso.c even if:
> a) we're building everything statically
> b) we don't even have support in dso.c for the target platform
> I don't have a problem with compiling it even if we are building
> statically.  Maybe the app wants to link with APR statically (so they
> don't worry about the version :) ) but wants to use APR's dso support
> for other reasons. 
> If we use it even if we're building statically, we must add the
> right library (e.g., -ldl).
> We need HAVE_DLERROR (and possibly others) to see if we can use
> dso.c at all.  We could set APR_HAS_DSO in apr.h based on whether or
> not we HAVE_ the stuff it needs.  Then, dso.c could collapse into
> nothing if it won't work on the target platform.
> #include "apr.h"   /* because APR_HAS_DSO is useful for apps too */
> #ifdef APR_HAS_DSO
> stuff
> #endif
> 2) when do we use functions from dso.c (e.g., ap_dso_error())
>   if APR_HAS_DSO, of course
> 3) (maybe) what libraries do we add for the platform's dso support
>   Currently, we always add -ldl.  Is this really correct?
>   Note that when to add such libraries depends on whether or not we
>   always include dso support in APR.
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