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Subject RE: Alpha 4 delayed
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 02:04:38 GMT
> I think we've lost one point... I've heard grumblings of a NW
> port in 2.0, and I think there is an expectaction for a working 
> Win9x port by 2.0b1.  I'd like to see the NetWare port added to
> the STATUS file if that is on someone's workbench, however, as
> well as any other platforms with expectations to complete a port
> by the release of 2.0b1.
> > When would you see this becoming a beta?  The reason given 
> > for not going straight to beta in January was that not enough 
> > people had played with the code and it wasn't stable enough.  
> > I believe both of those issues are disappearing now.
> Disappearing but not disappeared.  And I'm guessing there is a
> pretty major htdocs overhaul waiting in the wings prior to 2.0b1.
> I'd like to see all modules working for a time.  Have we forgotten
> mod_info, and scoreboard API on some other platforms (notably the
> Win95 port) for mod_status?
> I'd be pro-beta as soon as an admin can accomplish what they were
> doing in 1.3 (not necessarily the same -way- they were doing it
> in 1.3, however :-) and it's been stable for a few weeks.

All of this needs to be added to the STATUS file.  Again, all I am saying
is that once the STATUS file is empty, we should have a beta.  Currently,
the STATUS file is almost empty.  By asking for a beta, we are adding at
least ten things to the STATUS file.  If for no other reason, my asking
was a good thing.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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