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Subject RE: Alpha 4 delayed
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 00:53:48 GMT
> > Just to make sure this isn't missed by anybody (because it was hidden at
> > the end of another message yesterday).  We are delaying the next alpha
> > release.  I would like to have the next alpha on Friday now.  
> > This means that it would be very much appreciated if big commits were 
> > not made after Thursday night so that we don't de-stabilize the alpha.
> Good thought, but is 12 hours enough? I committed the 'big stuff' almost
> two days before today's planned alpha, a backed out the 'unacceptable'
> stuff a full day before we were to roll (and because of the alpha - I
> was prepared to be reading all the feedback, issues, etc).  So... 

I don't know if 12 hours is enough.  I am afraid if we ask for more than
12 hours, there are likely to be man -1's.  I think 12 hours is fine if
big changes are posted to the list before they are committed.

> Option 1) Code Freeze for alphas?  We already have enough -1's on this.

Not even going to tryu to fight this one.  :-)

> Option 2) Daily M Build tags?  This could be a nice option, take a poll,
> "Does the M000529 build work for everyone?"  If it compiled on most of
> the platforms, and serves pages too, than that gets rolled into an alpha.

Roy (I think it was him) suggested a while ago going back to rolling a
release candidate once a week, and releasing it if it worked well enough,
and dumping it if it didn't.  I am beginning to see a definate advantage
to just rolling a tarball once a week, and putting it up for everybody to
test, and if its stable, then it becomes an alpha, if not it just gets


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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