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Subject Re: building on Unix this a.m.
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 21:16:54 GMT

The fact is, there are only two options right now for where to get the dso
error string from, errno and dlerror.  errno is already taken care of, and
dlerror make sense where it is if it is the only other option.

Now, if/when Windows implements a dso feature, we can/should re-visit
this.  The real solution IMNSHO, is to use a feature macro for APR
here.  Basically allow DSO to be turned on/off from the configure
line.  This way, when there is no DSO handling in Apache, this error
message changes.  If there is DSO handling, we grab it from dlerror the
same way we are doing now.

The other fact is that this code was broken on Windows because that
feature macro doesn't exist, and this error isn't used on Windows.  The
build on Unix is broken because we aren't using the right libraries, which
goes back to a configuration issue.


> Fine, but using dlerror() in the first place was Just Plain Wrong (tm). I
> had to suggest something :-)
> The other alternative is to have #ifdef's to replace the dlerror() call.
> IMO, that would be even more wrong since you're splitting up DSO handling
> between errorcodes.c and the dso/ directory.
> Whatever your solution, recognize that you've got two groups of code:
> 1) error string construction
> 2) DSO loading
> Given that you are trying to insert DSO-specific stuff into (1), then you
> have a problem if you try to keep (1) and (2) from talking with each
> other. [my suggestion has (1) calling over to the (2) group]
> Cheers,
> -g
> -- 
> Greg Stein,

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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