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Subject Re: Apache 2.0 Status when released
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 20:18:46 GMT

I think we are slowly fixing the problems that are keeping a lot of people
from getting involved with 2.0.  Add that to the fact that we are still in
alpha, and 1.3 is successful for most people, and I do think we are
looking okay.  A lot of people are working very hard to make sure that 2.0
is the best webserver possible, it is just going to take a little while to
finish ramping up.

I don't think we have anything to worry about with regards to 2.0.  I tend
to blow things out of proportion (which anybody who is on this list will
attest to), so always scale back what I saw by at last a factor of two.


On Tue, 16 May 2000, Jeff Stuart wrote:

> Ok, first let me say that I think what you folks are doing with Apache 2.0
> is GREAT!  I love some of the things that are sounding possible!  And what
> it sounds like mod_perl will be able to with Apache 2.0 is just AMAZING.
> However, with that said, I'm starting to get seriously concerned with some
> of what I'm hearing on this list.  If what Mr. Fielding and Mr. Bloom have
> said is correct that people are NOT working on the core of Apache (IE the
> APRs and the MPMs) then this is a VERY SERIOUS problem IMHO.  That combined
> with the report last week of someone who submitted not only a bug report but
> also a bug fix and never heard back from anyone.  These two items are
> starting to make me concerned about the status of Apache 2.0 WHEN it's
> released.
> Now, YES, I know!  Apache is alpha!  (H*LL, I'm not even using it on my
> devel box yet.  ;))  And we're probably months away from release so I'm
> pretty hopeful that it will all get worked out.  My point is, let's all be a
> little bit careful and make sure that when Apache 2.0 is released, it is
> still the best webserver out there!
> --
> Jeff (FurBall)
> WebOverdrive Newbie Tech Board

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