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From dean gaudet <>
Subject Re: OIDs
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 02:01:09 GMT
it's so nice that sun did the correct thing with java and just re-used the
existing DNS hierarchy.


On Thu, 11 May 2000, Lee Passey wrote:

> I have been following with interest the discussion thread on modular 
> configuration.  As you might guess, as an employee of Novell I find 
> the notion of directory-based configuration, via LDAP, very intriguing.  
> I have even started protyping some ideas I had, which I am not quite 
> yet prepared to expose to public ridicule.
> One thing has come up, however, which I believe requires some prompt 
> attention. Graham Leggett suggested storing each directive for an Apache 
> Server object in a manner similar to:
> objectclass: apacheGlobal
> apServerName:
> apPort: 80
> apLogLevel: warn
> [etc]
> My heart tells me that this is the proper approach to LDAP configuration, 
> although my head disagrees.  In any case, most, if not all, LDAP compatible 
> directories recommend or require unique Object Identifiers (OIDs) for each 
> object or attribute type in the schema.  If Apache configuration information 
> is going to be stored in an LDAP directory, we should get an assigned root 
> OID for the Apache Software Foundation from which all configuration objects 
> and attributes can be derived.
> There are a number of options we could pursue for an assigned OID.  I 
> suspect that I could convince Novell to assign a number to the Apache 
> Software Foundation under its arc (2.16.840.1.113719) and I also suspect 
> that we could convince someone at IBM to let us have a number under 
> its arc ( - point of contact is or maybe 
> someone at Sun Microsystems could get us a number under their arc.  I 
> personally don't find any of these options particularly appealing as 
> the Apache project transcends any corporate interest.
> Similarly, while we could seek an assignment from ANSI under 2.16.840.1 
> (US company arc) or 2.16.840 (US objects) the Apache project also trans-
> cends national boundaries.  In addition, the information available to me 
> ( indicates that there is a USD 1,000

> registration fee for an ANSI assignment.
> Probably the most fitting place for the Apache Software Foundation is in 
> 1.3 (ISO Identified Organizations).  This is where IBM, Digital Equipment 
> Corporation, the IANA, the Open Software Foundation and Thawte Consulting 
> sit.  As of late 1996 information about this arc could be obtained from:
>         Miss A. M. Wadsworth
>         BSI
>         389 Chiswick High Road
>         London W4 4AL
>         G.B.
>         Tel: +44 181 996 7466
>         Fax: +44 181 996 7048
> A final option is to obtain a number from IANA as an entry in the IANA-
> registered Private Enterprises arc.  There are currently 6115 entries 
> in this arc for enties ranging from govenments (State of Michigan) to 
> universities (U of Tennessee) to private companies (Xylogics, Inc.) to 
> non-profit organizations (Florida Teaching Profession - NEA) to individuals.  
> Registration is free, and an assignment can be obtained in a matter of days 
> from  This is under  
> and so might be a good fit.
> I know I don't have to ask for others to comment on this suggestion ...;-)
> Re-engaging lurk mode ...
> W. Lee Passey
> Software Engineer, Novell, Inc.

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