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From Sascha Schumann <>
Subject Re: Moving things around
Date Sun, 07 May 2000 02:00:59 GMT
> We don't. If the user specifies disable-threads, then the prefork MPM
> _must_ be chosen, coz its the only one that will work.

Just because prefork is currently the only non-threaded MPM does
not mean that there will be no other one with the same

> > It makes much more sense to me to let users choose whatever MPM
> > they want. Then the MPM tells APR what it needs to operate, and
> > not the other way around.
> But then modules that use other APR features would be screwed. Which is
> why APR must support everything available, not merely what the current
> MPM needs.

Define "other APR features."

We are basically only talking about enabling/disabling threads in
APR depending on what the MPM requires. Why should some other
module care about threading issues?

> MPM is really just another module. Its needs are not tbe be-all and
> end-all of Apache's needs.

While this is true from a programmer's perspective, the
requirements of the MPM affect the build process drastically.
In that way, MPMs are considered special.

- Sascha

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