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From dean gaudet <>
Subject Re: Maintenance of mod_proxy and async i/o
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 16:41:51 GMT
On Sun, 30 Apr 2000 wrote:

> There probably needs to be a good bit of discussion for reads...

not really...

there's two types of reads which we care about -- reading from a file or
another socket/pipe (for a proxy/mod_cgi for example), and directly
pumping it out to the client.  that one is pretty easy to handle in any
async i/o engine.

the other type of read is reading the request and processing it.  leave
this as a thread-per-connection... that way you can just ap_bgets() and
such to process the protocol without worrying about blocking.

truth is, almost every request contains all the headers in one
packet.  the main exception is netscape and POST requests -- they put the
content-length, content-type headers, and the post body into a second

but i doubt we'll see much of a performance problem if sometimes during a
POST request we have threads block for the second packet.

> Originally I had thought of incorporating this all into mod_proxy but
> Doug of mod_perl replied rather cryptically that he had some interest
> in this... so I'm thinking a generic module might be better.

it should be in the MPM -- because it has to be different for NT and unix.
although it'd be similar for many unix MPMs, so it could be done similar
to the way unixd.c works...


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