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From Ask Bjoern Hansen <>
Subject Re: A3 is out the door.
Date Mon, 01 May 2000 07:21:21 GMT
On Fri, 28 Apr 2000 wrote:

> opinions.  I just hate sending out the e-mail and then being flooded with
> hundreds of people saying they aren't in the office or I am spamming them,
> and they want of the list, or they left the company five years ago.....

geeh. broken mailers everywhere. (sending "I'm not in the office" to From:
instead of envelope sender).

what about sending the announceent from a address and
put a few lines in the bottom of the announcement telling not to reply to
the bitbucket@ address and to unsubscribe by sending a mail to foobar.

There is patches for qmail to make it possible for ezmlm to put in the
full unsubscribe address that always works

 - ask

ask bjoern hansen - <>
more than 70M impressions per day, <>

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