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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: BUFF, IOL, Chunking, and Unicode in 2.0 (long)
Date Sun, 07 May 2000 16:16:45 GMT

On Sun, 7 May 2000, Jeff Trawick wrote:

> ap_xlate_open().  The language is one very useful hint to the
> translation mechanism (if it can use it; we must ignore it when the
> mechanism can't handle it).  Other possible hints:
> . what to do if an input character is not in the character set we said
>   it was (e.g., skip bytes in the input until we can translate again) 
> . what to do if the input character can't be represented in the target
>   character set (e.g., substitute the appropriate blank)
> . whether or not to signal a permanent error if we get too many
>   translation problems (what is "too many")
> . whether or not the the app can handle non-SBCS translation

You are quite right: The two options :-) are

1. The 'purist' approach.. if there is no extact glyph or code point
   after doing any normalisation -> skip it or put in a unkown char.

2. The normal approach.. put in an approximation.. but for that you
   need hints:
> Whether or not any hints are implemented initially, we need to "fix"
> the argument list so that they can be implemented in the future with
> minimal impact to current users of the interface.

> I think it would be immediately useful as well as simple to initially
> support a hint which states that the client can't handle non-SBCS.
> There is too much of that sort of code lying around and such an app
> shouldn't have to check the results of every translation call to find
> out that in some cases (perhaps very infrequent) their SBCS
> assumptions don't hold.

That is a nice idea.
> Regarding locale... Right now there is a magic value to pass to
> ap_xlate_open() for one of the character set names which means

Well, let's bear in mind the 'real' case; which does not fit too well with
the notion of a machine wide locale; i.e. a virtual host serving both
english, chinese, russion, arabic, french and spanish pages (i.e. the 6
prime UN languages). So there the locale would be specified per directory
or docroot.


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