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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: Web server docs proposal (take n)
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 15:47:36 GMT
On Mon, 29 May 2000, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> Why:
> Because we have lots of people who are interested in contributing
> to the Web server project by working on the docs rather than the
> code.  This includes people who want to provide translations for
> various of the pages.  Currently the only way they can do this is
> by submitting a patch to the development mailing list, with no
> assurance that it won't get ignored.  Putting the documentation
> into a separate module means we can have a separate -- and less
> restrictive, perhaps -- list of people who can commit to the
> documentation project.

Ok, so the reason is to allow a different set of committers to the docs,
period.  No other reason.  Right?  I can agree with that desire.

> o Why separate modules rather than finding a way to let these
>   docco-only people work only in the htdocs/ subtree?  Because of
>   the mailing list issue, because this is how we've historically
>   managed disjoint committer lists, because this is how other
>   ASF projects seem to be handling subprojects, and because this
>   doesn't require futzing with the CVS scripts that affect *all*
>   of the ASF projects.

Your use of the word "module" is very confusing.  A "module", as
defined by CVS, is either an entry in the modules file or a particular
path to the root of a tree of files.  So the docs are already their
own module.  And you can add an entry to the modules file just fine
so you can do a "cvs checkout httpd-docs-1.3" and get apache-1.3/htdocs.
So there is no change required to put the docs in their own module.
They are there.

There is nothing required to allow other people to commit to only the
htdocs subdirectory other than adding them all to a group and chgrping
that subdirectory.

The mailing list issues aren't too had to handle, especially if you
subscribe to the idea that if docs and code change in one commit, then
they should be mailed together because they are related.  Then you just
need a tiny little filter getting mail to the main CVS commit list and
forwarding anything that includes docs changes to the random other docs
only list.

Are you certain that commits that commit to both top level directories at
once will be mailed out properly anyway?

But, whatever.  If you are insistent on going ahead regardless... so be

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