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Subject Ref. : Re: Embeding apache into an application
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 06:58:09 GMT

> I have an application that is a distributed objects integration platform
> (nice isn't it :) ). And I like to add an object that is able to
> translate
> http request into platform requests. So I need to embed an httpd into
> this object, as the apache main is prety small, robust, efficient and
> broadly used. So I feel enough confident in it to use it, except
> the raised points, an other solution can be to build an IPC between
> apache
> and the platform but I do prefer to embed it if possible.

I would advertise the writing of a module dedicated to the translation.
I Think it would be easy to write, simpler to maintain than an embedded
version of apache, and easier to administrate.

Romain Berrendonner

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