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From "Jeff Stuart" <>
Subject Apache 2.0 Status when released
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 23:06:47 GMT
Ok, first let me say that I think what you folks are doing with Apache 2.0
is GREAT!  I love some of the things that are sounding possible!  And what
it sounds like mod_perl will be able to with Apache 2.0 is just AMAZING.

However, with that said, I'm starting to get seriously concerned with some
of what I'm hearing on this list.  If what Mr. Fielding and Mr. Bloom have
said is correct that people are NOT working on the core of Apache (IE the
APRs and the MPMs) then this is a VERY SERIOUS problem IMHO.  That combined
with the report last week of someone who submitted not only a bug report but
also a bug fix and never heard back from anyone.  These two items are
starting to make me concerned about the status of Apache 2.0 WHEN it's

Now, YES, I know!  Apache is alpha!  (H*LL, I'm not even using it on my
devel box yet.  ;))  And we're probably months away from release so I'm
pretty hopeful that it will all get worked out.  My point is, let's all be a
little bit careful and make sure that when Apache 2.0 is released, it is
still the best webserver out there!

Jeff (FurBall)
WebOverdrive Newbie Tech Board

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