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From "Mike Spreitzer" <>
Subject How fast should I expect Apache to go?
Date Mon, 08 May 2000 17:46:24 GMT
Some colleagues and I are working on speeding up SSL usage through use of hardware accelerators,
and would like to demonstrate
improvements in web servers such as Apache.  We've been disappointed in the performance we
get from Apache "out of the box", both
without SSL and with mod_ssl (software SSL), and were wondering if we're doing something wrong.
 I don't have precise figures at
hand right now, but I've been quoted figures of 50--100 HEAD requests per second without SSL,
and about 10 per second with
mod_ssl --- on some SPARC.  So let me ask: what should I expect, for example on a Sun Ultra-10
workstation running Solaris 7 on a
single 440 MHz UltraSparc IIi processor with 256 MB RAM, both without SSL and with mod_ssl?
 For another example, what would it take
to get Apache to approx. 300 HEADs per second, without SSL, on Sun hardware & OS?


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