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From Tony Finch <>
Subject mod_example in 2.0
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 19:50:43 GMT
I'm fiddling with the build stuff to get mod_exaple functioning in 2.0
and I've spotted a cosmetic unpleasantness: because src/build/
	@echo config_m4_files = `find . -name config.m4` > $@
the order of the config.m4 files is
which means that when you do `./configure --help` you get
	--enable and --with options recognized:
	  --enable-example        example module
	  --with-module=location  Include the specified module.  location is the
	                          path to the new module.
	  --with-mpm=MPM          Choose the process model for Apache to use.
	  --enable-vhost-alias    mass hosting module
(note the location of "--enable-example") which is a bit gross. I
think the best fix is to move the stiff in src/modules/extra/config.m4
up a level. Yesno?

378 oing! now that's a comic strip

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