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From "J.A. Sutherland" <>
Subject Re: FW:[mod perl + proxy returns Document has no data]
Date Mon, 08 May 2000 10:56:17 GMT

--On 08 May 2000, 11:48 +0100 Chris Allen <> wrote:

> At 17:14 05/05/00 , you wrote:
>> Apparently random intervals... hrm. Have you been able to replicate this
>> result connecting directly to the backend, bypassing the proxy?
>> My first reaction from the "random intervals" bit would be that one of
>> the child servers is getting broken at some point. I'd try dropping the
>> number of requests per child process right down, and see if that makes a
>> difference.
> You were right, and it appears to be caused by uploading a large amount of
> data through the proxy. I have chickened out from finding out why, and
> instead am handling uploads with the frontend now.

I'd guess somehow the server started treating subsequent requests as more
incoming data from the previous one, rather than a new request. I know
Squid has limits on the size of uploads; I wonder if mod_proxy was somehow
mangling requests over some upper limit?

I'm CCing the list, in the hope someone be able to shed more light on the
problem. A workaround is nice, but solving the problem is better :)

> Thanks for your help!

NP - glad to know the problem's solved!

(Back when I started as an Apache admin, I tried supporting HTTP uploads.
The hoops I had to jump through made life ... interesting :-)


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