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From Marco Kleefman <>
Subject mod_perl/hidden form-vars
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 11:24:29 GMT

I am using and Apache in a mod_perl combination. My scripts generate
See this snippet:

print "future_sent: @future_sent<br>";
push (@sent, $future_sent[0]);
shift (@future_sent);
print "sent: @sent<br>";
print "future_sent: @future_sent<br>";
print hidden(-name=>'future_sent', -value=>\@future_sent);

This (part of) subroutine is executed several times until @future_sent is
empty and @sent is full. Let's say: @future_sent is filled initially with:

I would expect the following output:

future_sent: 1 2 3
sent: 1
future_sent: 2 3

+ the writing of the hidden form-variable with the value: 2 3

BUT, the script writes the initial value (1 2 3) to the hidden field.

Does anybody how come?


Marco Kleefman

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