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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: Proposal for Silicon Valley Apache User's Group.
Date Sun, 21 May 2000 03:12:53 GMT
I sent of e-mails about this right before ApacheCon and the consensus at
the time was that it was a very good idea but the timing was wrong.  I
was going to start up the effort right after ApacheCon and now is the
time to start again. :)

I set up an initial proposal that I called BAADG( Bay Area Apache
Developers Group ).  Initially I wanted to target this at developers
only... but that might be wrong.

I guess this might be the wrong approach.  It would be interesting to
find out what the correct blend between deployment and development is.

Anyway, I setup an initial web page...
but I haven't had time to improve it.

If you have any ideas bring them up.... I will try to find my old e-mail
proposal from a couple months ago.


Sam Talebbeik wrote:
> I know that this particular mailing list is for the
> discussion of the technical groups. However I felt there
> might be some people interested in this. I posted this
> message yesterday to comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix .
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> I would like to propose the formation of the Silicon Valley Apache
> and open server user's group.
> I have made some initial contacts for the formation of such a
> user's group. However this undertaking can not be organized
> by one or two people alone. I would like to invite Apache
> enthusiasts who are dedicated to the promotion of Apache and
> open source server platforms to contact me and to participate
> in the formation of the user's group.
> Apache is probably the second most important open source
> project after Linux and BSD. The formation of a user's group
> dedicated to the promotion of open source servers will definitely
> serve the needs of the open source community in the Silicon Valley
> and beyond.

Kevin A Burton (
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