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From Sam Talebbeik <>
Subject Lack of support for Apache and Broadvision.
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 03:59:32 GMT
Folks, in my last project I worked with Broadvision for creating
a small portal. The client has chosen a Solaris/Netscape http server
as the web server.

The Apache is able to work with Broadvision only in the CGI mode.
Apache is not supported in a full production mode with the
proprietary Broadvision NSAPI load balancing module embedded inside the
Apache server.

I would like to ask the opinion of the forum about the following two

1) What are the technical barriers involved in porting an NSAPI module
   from Netscape to Apache?

2) I am not certain but a trend seems to have developed here. 
   When some corporations want an industrial strength solution, they
   feel that IIS or Netscape are a safer bet. Actually I personally feel
   Apache is unfairly portrayed as running that other "non-critical" 55%
   of the web and IIS and Netscape are running the "industrial strength"
   e-commerce sites and portals. Please do not get me wrong. I have been
   a very strong advocate of Apache. But maybe issues such as
   lack of production level support from some third party vendors such
   Broadvision has contributed to this issue. I appreciate any input 
   about this issue from the members of this forum.

I am willing to put my personal efforts on some of these third party
support issues in anyway that I can (technical and otherwise) if
necessary. However
I would like to get the opinion of the forum, particularly the input
from the ASF members.

   Best Regards,

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