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From Eli Marmor <>
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 11:01:16 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:

> The concept of "EXTRA_*" isn't enabled yet... I was still unsure
> whether the default action should be to append command-line settings
> of, for example, CFLAGS, to that set by hints.m4, or simply to
> use the command-line ones _instead_ of what hints.m4 says (which
> is how it currently works).
> I can see both arguments. It's easy to change, or implement
> EXTRA_*. We'll see which makes the most sense and is more
> obvious to the casual user... I'm leaning towards EXTRA_*
> at present, but I still not sure :)

You can enable both, for example by "%s".

Let me speak generically: Let's take "FOO" as our constant, and
"EXTRA_FOO" as the environment variable. By default, the contents
of EXTRA_FOO will _replace_ the contents of FOO (unless EXTRA_FOO
is not defined), but EXTRA_FOO may include "%s", which will be
translated to the contents of the original FOO. For example, if
CFLAGS is set to "-c", and EXTRA_CFLAGS is set to "%s -DDEBUG",
then the result will be "-c -DDEBUG".

Alternatively, we can use different names; EXTRA_FOO will be used
to ADD contents, MY_FOO will REPLACE the original FOO, etc.

Eli Marmor

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