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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject remaining dso.c issues
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 12:19:20 GMT
As far as I can tell, we still don't have this straightened out:

1) when do we compile and build dso.c into APR

Currently, we compile dso.c even if:

a) we're building everything statically
b) we don't even have support in dso.c for the target platform

I don't have a problem with compiling it even if we are building
statically.  Maybe the app wants to link with APR statically (so they
don't worry about the version :) ) but wants to use APR's dso support
for other reasons. 

If we use it even if we're building statically, we must add the
right library (e.g., -ldl).

We need HAVE_DLERROR (and possibly others) to see if we can use
dso.c at all.  We could set APR_HAS_DSO in apr.h based on whether or
not we HAVE_ the stuff it needs.  Then, dso.c could collapse into
nothing if it won't work on the target platform.

#include "apr.h"   /* because APR_HAS_DSO is useful for apps too */

#ifdef APR_HAS_DSO
2) when do we use functions from dso.c (e.g., ap_dso_error())

  if APR_HAS_DSO, of course

3) (maybe) what libraries do we add for the platform's dso support

  Currently, we always add -ldl.  Is this really correct?

  Note that when to add such libraries depends on whether or not we
  always include dso support in APR.
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