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From "Life is hard, and then you die" <>
Subject shmem in apr
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 09:09:14 GMT

Trying to get shmem implemented cleanly in mod_auth_digest I've
run into some issues.

1) I'm struggling with the following problem: graceful restarts
   don't immediately kill the children, but the pconf pool is
   cleared right away. This leads to havoc for shmem (unless I'm
   missing something obvious), as I now cannot use pconf in the
   post_config hook to allocate shmem (otherwise the shmem would
   be freed while processes are still using it during a graceful
   restart). What I really need a pool which is never cleared
   (e.g. pglobal), or a pool which is only cleared after all old
   children have died (this would provide a nice hook for certain

2) I'm unclear on whether ap_get_shm_name and ap_set_shm_name
   need to be used or not, and how (they're currently both
   effectively nop's on unix and os/2). I'm assuming that if I
   call ap_shm_init in the parent process and propagate the
   ap_shmem_t handle to the children by virtue of the fact that
   they inherit the parents variables, then I don't need those
   functions. But is that true for all platforms? I.e. what is
   the safest model to assume? (sample pseudo code?)

3) Shmem on M$: there aren't even any stubs for the shmem on this
   platform - should they be added? (and just do normal ap_palloc
   etc, since things seem to always be multithreaded, never
   multi-process on M$). Otherwise I have to litter mod_auth_digest
   with '#ifdef WIN32', which is ugly. If apr does want to support
   multi-process on M$ then using stubs won't work, of course. In
   that case it would seem to me that the mpm's ought to be
   providing a shmem abstraction too (i.e. as a module writer I
   don't want to care what the mpm process/thread model is, all I
   wan't is to be able to say 'give me memory which is shared
   between all threads and processes', which in the case of a
   threading-only mpm just degenerates to the usual ap_palloc and



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