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From Tim Costello <>
Subject RE: Platform Specific MPM Design Questions
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
On Wednesday, 24 May 2000, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>   http_main.c     main() calls
>     mod_mpm_winnt   ap_hook_args() calls
>       kernel32        StartService() calls
>         mod_mpm_hookservice() which will set up a vector to return back into
>                               the return vector of the ap_hook_args() call so
>                               we resume execution exactly where we left off.

Aaaaah. I'm starting to see what you're getting at. You want http_main to
contain the real main, and to do away with main_win32.c. Then, have the mpm 
do stuff, call the scm, then return to the end of the mpm, so main's always 
at the top of the call stack (instead of service_main). Right?

> Recursive main() I hope won't happen.  Not if I can get return vectors to 
> resume execution at the code step after launching the service.  Any good
> examples would be appreciated.  [This does -not- have to be xplatform :-]

I have another suggestion - what about the following for the mpm's 
pre-config hook:

void winnt_pre_config()
    if (running_as_service) {
        service_sync_event = CreateEvent(not_signaled);
        /* all other pre-config processing */
    if (running_as_service) {
        WaitForSingleObject(service_sync_event, INFINITE);

int dispatcher_thread_proc()
     * blocks in above function "forever" - the thread becomes becomes the 
     * service control dispatcher

void service_main()
    /* save the service name somewhere if we need it */

I figure the phony ServiceMain is okay because it's unlikely that multiple 
(different) services will share apache's executable.

I know this doesn't touch your problem of getting at the command-line - but 
it's another option that retains the flow of execution (and the values of 
main's local variables). It also might spark something better in someone 
else's head. 


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