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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject ap_wait_all_procs(), recent "reliable piped logs" changes to MPMs
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 20:54:44 GMT
The Unix MPMs started calling ap_wait_all_procs() instead of waitpid()
recently.  Unfortunately, ap_wait_all_procs() can't/doesn't return the
exit status.  Is there a design for ap_wait_all_procs() to return the
exit status?  In an additional parm to ap_wait_all_procs()?  In the
ap_proc_t structure?  (The former seems appropriate.)

Currently, the status parameter to wait_or_timeout() is never
initialized and so the accidental contents of that storage is used as
an array index in process_child_status().  mpmt_pthread has been
broken on OS/390 for the last couple of weeks due to this, and I just
got a chance to look at it.

(This little note is just to give Ryan a chance to say "I ran into a
little problem with that... you need to do XXX" before I go hacking.)

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