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From Perry Harrington <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: BCLF - Binary Common Logging format
Date Sat, 13 May 2000 06:31:45 GMT
Hi all,

I've released some core code for a Binary ECLF equivelent.  It is
release .1, first release.

The advantages of the BCLF format are:

- compact; uses far less space per entry than ECLF
- machine readable; doens't require parsing to read logfile
- platform independent; all numerics are network byte order
- fast; since it's a binary file, and uses readv/writev, it's fast
- streamable; you could potentially stream the data to a socket, it's writeonly

I have seen a write rate of as many as 270,000 entries per second on a
466(66) Celeron, with a read rate of 80,000 (malloc) and 97,000 (static)
entries a second.

The reason the read rate is lower is because there are 2 reads vs the
single write during create.

I designed it as a format to greatly improve logfile data parsing and handling.

You can check out the project at:

The download is there, it consists of a library of functions and a few test

There is no accompanying documentation, as the source is well commented.


Perry Harrington       Linux rules all OSes.    APSoft      ()
email: 			Think Blue. /\

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