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Subject Re: [PATCH] Apache-1.3 enable mod_mmap_static on ebcdic boxes
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 16:31:22 GMT
In a recent note, Jeff Trawick said:

> Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 11:18:25 -0400
> > to translate binary files generated on the OS/390 system from
> > ASCII to EBCDIC (sic!) on the Solaris server so they appear
> > correct on the net.  Not far-fetched; I'm doing this today
> > in a CGI script on Solaris.  It suggests a use for translation
> > on an ASCII platform.
> As an aside, do you perhaps have whatever it takes to get Solaris
> x86's iconv() to translate from IBM-1047 to ISO-8859-1?  I like to
> crank up Solaris from time to time and play there.
We're running Solaris SPARC.  And, alas, no.  I wrote my own iconv
surrogate program (not function) to use in the CGI.

-- gil

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