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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Apache-1.3 enable mod_mmap_static on ebcdic boxes
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 15:18:25 GMT
> BTW, we have an interesting configuration here:  some of our
> filesystems are NFS mounted to both OS/390 and Solaris with
> XLAT(Y) specified to the OS/390 client (or server).  This
> makes text files appear ASCII on Solaris and EBCDIC on
> OS/390.  Binary files are garbage on (at least :-) one of the
> two systems.  So, it may be necessary to translate both text
> and binary files from EBCDIC to ASCII on the OS/390 server, or
> to translate binary files generated on the OS/390 system from
> ASCII to EBCDIC (sic!) on the Solaris server so they appear
> correct on the net.  Not far-fetched; I'm doing this today
> in a CGI script on Solaris.  It suggests a use for translation
> on an ASCII platform.
> -- gil
> -- 
> StorageTek

Thanks for the real-world scenario.  I look forward to being able to
test translation stuff on non-OS/390 (in the near future I hope!) to
work out any silly assumptions I've made.

First we need to get something like mod_charset (or perhaps just some
very small subset of it) working on 2.0 so that we fulfill the
configuration requirements.  Just to be able to do something like this
will open up a lot of function:

<Directory /mnt/nfs/iron/html>
CharsetSourceEnc IBM-1047          # how stored
CharsetDefault   ISO-8859-1        # how delivered

(same idea for Location)

Throw in UTF-16 on one side or the other and it gets pretty easy to
test the non-SBCS paths.  (I'm getting excited!)

As an aside, do you perhaps have whatever it takes to get Solaris
x86's iconv() to translate from IBM-1047 to ISO-8859-1?  I like to
crank up Solaris from time to time and play there.

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