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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject ???src/main/util_ebcdic.c and src/include/util_ebcdic.h???
Date Mon, 08 May 2000 02:25:34 GMT
In 1.3, ebcdic stuff was in os/foo/ebcdic.c and os/foo/ebcdic.h, where
foo was bs2000, os390, and tpf.  Some of the stuff which in 1.3
differed among foo is now (or will be) in APR.  For 2.0 there is
OS/400 as well.

If I recall correctly, Greg Stein suggested util_ebcdic a couple of
months ago for the ebcdic stuff which isn't part of the translation
code in APR.  That sounds good to me.  Other opinions?

It should be o.k. for non-EBCDIC platforms to include and compile them as
long as they collapse to nothing, right?

util_ebcdic would have some global translation handles (translation
handles that work for headers, default translation handles for
content) and code to set them up (perhaps ap_init_ebcdic()).

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